Moonshine IDE ™

Moonshine is a free and open source middleweight IDE built with ActionScript 3 for AS3,
Apache Flex®Apache Royale® and Feathers development with Cloud and Desktop support.

Why Moonshine?

Works with feature parity on the cloud model

The first IDE developed to provide cloud support for AS3,
Apache Flex®Apache Royale® and Feathers. Now you can create your projects on the cloud and utilize the agility of a cloud based platform using Moonshine IDE ™.

100% Cross Platform

Moonshine is a cross platform open source application.
With Moonshine you will find the luxury of developing anywhere on any platform.

Built specifically to focus on Apache Flex® and
Apache Royale®

The Apache Royale® project is a continuation of the previous effort called FlexJS to produce a next-generation of the
Apache Flex® SDK that enables developers to use MXML and ActionScript to generate HTML/JS/CSS applications which can run natively in browsers. The cross-compiled code can also be used in Apache Cordova® (Adobe PhoneGap) mobile applications.

Apache Royale

Subversion support

We are providing SILKSVN for subversion support because they provide a standalone command-line Subversion client
for Windows. The installer contains all command line tools
(svn, svnadmin, svnsync, svnserve, svnmucc) without application bindings or Apache modules.

Moonshine 2.5.0

Moonshine 2.5.0 adds some small features which improve development workflow, including the Outline View and Go To Implementation for interfaces.

Additionally, Moonshine SDK Installer will now download Apache Royale 0.9.6 (JS-only version) and apply a patch fix for the broken royale-config.xml. More information can be found in the this discussion on the Royale development mailing list.

Moonshine 2.5.0 Desktop Feature Additions

  • Added USB device debugging on mobile for Adobe AIR
  • Added Go To Implementation for interfaces (but not interface methods, yet)
  • Added Ctrl+Click on Flex SDK items parent classes
  • Added Outline View to show symbols in the current class
  • Signature Help: Add buttons to see other overloaded signatures
  • Added basic OpenFL/Haxe project support

What to expect in upcoming releases

  • Improvement to Java Gradle projects.
  • Improvement to Groovy/Grails projects.
  • Improvement to OpenFL/Haxe projects.

Moonshine Open Source

Moonshine is Open Source and accessible to everyone. We welcome you to download the code from the list of distributions in the Downloads section. For documentation and instructions,
please refer to the link below:

Download on your Desktop

Try Moonshine on either Windows or Mac:

Archived Versions


Complete documentation to help you moving forward and play with Moonshine.

  1. Set Apache Flex®, Apache Royale® or Feathers SDK in Moonshine
  • Start Moonshine
  • In Moonshine go to File -> Settings -> Default SDK

Default SDK

  • If you are using Moonshine that bundled with different SDKs, then you can use any of them to set default Apache Flex® SDK to Moonshine, or even you can download Apache Flex® SDK with AIR SDK at
  • If you are using OSX El Capitan or higher, make sure your any downloaded SDK’s location is ~/Downloads folder. By many restrictions applied to El Capitan, a sandbox app can execute/use SDK stuff only if it is in user’s Downloads folder
  • (OSX) If you have setup Apache Flex® SDKs downloaded by Moonshine’s helper application App Store Helper then you should probably see Moonshine’s default SDK already set by a bundled SDK
  • You can also set your own SDK as default, click on Change link inside Default Flex SDK section, this will open a popup named Select Flex SDK consisting of available/added SDK entries
  • To use any SDK from the above entry, simply double-click on it, and it’ll updated to Default Apache Flex® Apache Royale® or Feathers SDK section, or you can add your own by clicking on plus  button in Select SDK popup and complete the Define a SDK Path form to add your new SDK to Moonshine
  • When done, click on Save button in Default SDK section

You can also set SDK to individual project as shown below:

  • Right click on your project name and select Settings then at the left Build options
  • Click on Change link inside the Custom SDK section, this will open a file browse dialogue
    • Locate the Apache Flex®, Apache Royale® or Feathers SDK folder (as previously downloaded)  and choose Select Folder
    • You should see Custom SDK is now pointing to Apache Flex®, Apache Royale® or Feathers SDK directory you chose
    • Click Save

Custom SDK

  1. Create and build projects in Moonshine
  • To create a new desktop based Apache Flex® project do one the following:
    • In Moonshine choose File -> New -> Flex Desktop Project (MacOS, Windows) : MXML and ActionScript support
    • In Moonshine choose File -> New -> ActionScript Project (SWF, Desktop) : Choose this if you want pure ActionScript project 
    • In Moonshine choose File -> New -> Feathers Desktop Project (MacOS, Windows) : MXML and ActionScript support
    • Choose ActionScript Project (SWF, Desktop) in Moonshine splash screen
    • Choose Flex Desktop Project (MacOS, Windows) in Moonshine splash screen
    • Choose Feathers Desktop Project (MacOS, Windows) in Moonshine splash screen
  • Choosing any above option will open the New Project tab:

New Apache Flex Desktop Project

In ActionScript Project (SWF, Desktop) options you’ll find an extra option to choose between Desktop or Web as the platform type:


  • Editable fields are:
    • Project Name
    • Parent Directory
    • Select Project Type (ActionScript Project only)
  • After entering the necessary fields above, click Create to generate a new project
  • Create option immediately create a new Apache Flex® project, open the project in Moonshine workspace (left-hand tree menu) and it’s application file in Moonshine editor


  • Moonshine generates any project with it’s supported types with demo ‘Hello World!‘ text, so you can immediately build the project and check it’s output; an optional Apache Ant® build script fully configured so you build a desktop package immediately as well!
  • To run the project choose Project -> Build & Run or press CTRL+ENTER (WIN)
    or CMD+ENTER (Mac OS)
    . You can see command line output in Moonshine’s console window (at the bottom of the interface)

Apache Flex console output build

If your project compiles, an AIR window will open running your code.

  • To create a new web based Apache Flex® project do either one the following things:
    • In Moonshine choose File -> New -> Flex Browser Project (SWF) : MXML and ActionScript support
    • In Moonshine choose File -> New -> ActionScript Project (SWF, Desktop) : Choose this if you want pure ActionScript project 
    • Choose ActionScript Project (SWF, Desktop)%3