Frequently Asked Questions

What is Moonshine IDE™?

Moonshine is a free IDE built with Apache Flex® and Adobe Air. You can create ActionScript 3, Apache Flex®, Apache Royale® and Feathers projects from Moonshine. It also provides cloud support.

What platforms does Moonshine support?

Moonshine allows you to develop supported frameworks on either Windows or macOS.

Why is Moonshine being developed? What is the idea behind its development?

We want to provide a free IDE to our community for ActionScript projects. An IDE which is cross platform and provides Apache Flex®, Apache Royale®, Feathers and cloud support.

What is the foundation of Moonshine IDE™? Which programming language is used to develop Moonshine?

Moonshine IDE™ is built using ActionScript 3 language. Editor built with FTE. Compiling with fish & AIR2 NativeProcess (through mxmlc).

Is there a mailing list available for Moonshine?

Yes, We have created LinkedIn group for interested community members.
You can join it from here.
You can join Apache Flex® users mailing list from here.
You can join Apache Royale® users mailing list from here.

Are there books or detailed study materials available for Moonshine?

Yes, you can download source code, installers, and documentation from this website.

Where can I report bugs found in Moonshine?

You can report any found issues with Moonshine on our GitHub: Moonshine-IDE

Can I suggest a new feature in Moonshine?

Absolutely. Moonshine is an open source product and we gladly take suggestions. Please let us know your thoughts at either the Apache Flex® users mailing list, Apache Royale® users mailing list, on the Linkedin group or GitHub issues.

What licensing does Moonshine use?

It is licensed under Apache License 2.0.

Is there any forum available to discuss the issues I am facing and get help?

There is no such forum as of today. But we will create it soon.

If I have further questions, who should I contact?

For now, you can ask us via Apache mailing list or the LinkedIn group created for Moonshine. We will build a separate page for your questions in the near future.