Create and Build Web Projects

  1. To create a new web based Apache Flex® project do either one the following things:
    • In Moonshine choose File -> New -> Flex Browser Project (SWF) : MXML and ActionScript support
    • In Moonshine choose File -> New -> ActionScript Project (SWF, Desktop) : Choose this if you want pure ActionScript project
    • Choose ActionScript Project (SWF, Desktop) in Moonshine splash screen
    • Choose Flex Browser Project (SWF) in Moonshine splash screen
  2. Choosing any above option will open new project creation dialogue:

    New Apache Flex browser project

  3. In ActionScript Project (SWF, Desktop) options you’ll find an extra option to choose between Desktop and Web as output type:


    Editable fields are:

    • Project Name
    • Parent Directory
    • Select Project Type (ActionScript Project only)
  4. After necessary in the fields above, click Create to generate a new Apache Flex® Web project

  5. Create option immediately creates a new Apache Flex® project, opens the project in Moonshine workspace (left-hand tree menu) and its application file in Moonshine editor.

    Created New Apache Flex Browser project

  6. Moonshine generates any project with its supported types with demo ‘Hello World!’ text, so you can immediately build the project and check its output. An optional Apache Ant® build script is fully configured so you can build a release SWF immediately as well!

  7. To run the project choose Project -> Build & Run. You can see command line’s output in Moonshine’s console window (at the bottom).

    Console build Apache Flex browser project

  8. If everything goes fine, Moonshine will generate the SWF and run it inside the default browser’s window.