How to Debug a Project in Moonshine IDE

  1. Open the project in Moonshine that you wants to debug

  2. To set breakpoint (optional), open the class file in Moonshine editor and click once at far-left numbered bar to set breakpoint to any line – line’s numbered bar will change color to mark set as breakpoint – click again to remove breakpoint:

    Set breaking point in Apache Flex Desktop project

    (In the image above the breakpoint is set to line# 12)

  3. To start a debug choose Debug -> Build & Debug from top menus. Moonshine will start a debug session, all the debug command line output can be viewable in bottom Moonshine console window, Moonshine will add a new Debug View at left panel, too. Debugger will halt where breakpoint raised and current memory items will be shown in Debug View panel:

    Debugging Apache Flex Desktop application

  4. To step over while debugging you can press F6 in keyboard or choose Debug -> Step Over

  5. To resume while debugging you can press F8 in keyboard or choose Debug -> Resume

  6. To stop/terminate debug process choose Debug -> Stop